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FSN Demonstration for the UN General Assembly

Drifter project presented at a special forum of the UN General Assembly, organized by the New York Academy of Sciences and US Aid.

Alex Bayen & Jon Beard of UC Berkeley demonstrate their floating sensor network, a new technology which uses highly portable and affordable technology to monitor water systems.

Andrew Tinka on the Floating Sensor Network

"A group of motorized drifters that measure and transmit physical and chemical conditions within a flow of water to create a situation awareness map across space and time."

See the video and full article on LAUNCH.

August 11-12, 2010: First Steps of the 2010 Drifters Fleet

UC Berkeley Floating Sensor Network team leads an experiment on the Generation 3 drifter design.

Ashok Gadgil and Alex Bayen Selected as Top 10 Innovators on Water Sustainability by NASA

CEE Professors Ashok Gadgil and Alexandre Bayen were selected as Top 10 Innovators on Water Sustainability by NASA. Professor Bayen is a member of CEE's Systems Engineering faculty, and Professor Gadgil is a member of both the Systems Engineering and the Environmental Engineering faculty.

A Faster, More Energy-Efficient GPS

New software could help make location-aware devices ubiquitous.

Mobile Sensing - Mini Subs Exploring Sacramento

If you reel in a small sub instead of a rainbow trout from the Sacramento River this summer, don't call Homeland Security.

It belongs to a team of researchers from the University of California at Berkeley trying to learn more about the river currents in the delta.

OETA Story on New Levee Breaching Prevention Techniques aired on 11/09/09

This story aired on the Oklahoma News Report (ONR) on OETA-The Oklahoma Network. The reporter is Cathy Tatom; photojournalist is Edwin Wilson. For more information, go to the ONR web site and ONR blog For more about OETA-The Oklahoma Network, visit

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